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Mediskincare is now offering a UK manufactured , CE certified COVID-19 rapid test that identifies the body’s response to Coronavirus after the onset of infection and gives a qualitative yes/no result within 10 minutes .

It is a simple finger prick test and operates in a similar way to a pregnancy test . Small drop of blood sample from your finger is added to the test strip . If the patient has contracted COVID-19 , it will leave a visible test line . There are separate lines for IgM and IgG antibody and only one needs to be visible for a positive test result .

The test has 99.6% accuracy for picking up IgG and 97.8% accuracy for IgM antibody . The rapidity makes it more cost effective and time effective compared to traditional lab method currently offered by the NHS .

Who can be tested :

1. If you are above the age of 16 including pregnant women
2. If you think you may have contracted Covid 19 in the past 3months
3. If you have been asymptomatic but wish to know your immune status as some can be asymptomatic carriers .
4. If you are an Employee / Employer who wish to return to work and just want to know your or your staffs immune status prior to return to work.
5. If you are a carer or a relative who wishes to see their loved ones during this lockdown without the fear to passing on covid-19 to them

Who can’t be tested:

1. If you currently have symptoms of covid -19 i.e fever / persistent cough / loss of sense of taste and smell .
2. If you are currently self - isolating on your own or with your family for the last 14 days .
3. We may be happy to test you if required on or after day 14 of onset of symptoms


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