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Plate rich plasma - Does it work?

Platelet rich plasma for your skin - Does it work ?

In this article I will try to provide some information on a new treatment that many patients are asking about : Platelet Rich Plasma .
Like all new treatments,I m always sceptical at first but it is my job as a physician to make sure that it is safe and it works.
There is a lot of research that has been done which provides evidence that prp has immense capabilities to regenerate the tissues and promote tissue healing. It is widely used in the field of medicine and orthopaedics to regenerate and repair tendons and other tissues. PRP is now being widely used in aesthetics to promote skin and hair rejuvenation .

How do you collect PRP?
A small sample of blood is taken from your arm, exactly like having a routine blood test at your doctors. The blood is centrifuged ( device that spins the blood) for ten minutes separating PRP from the whole blood .

What is PRP used for ?
1. Hair loss and hair thinning
2.Scar treatments
3. Acne scars
4. Wrinkle reduction (Vampire face lift)
5. Dark circles under the eyes
6. Reduction of deep skin folds

What is the difference between PRP and dermal fillers?
Dermal filler is a synthetic material that is designed to give volume . PRP is self sourced and actively helps your skin to repair itself by improving skin complexion and restoring its natural glow.

Can this be combined with other treatments?
PRP can be combined with other rejuvenation techniques such as fillers, mesotherapy , radio frequency treatments and lasers to induce a synergistic beneficial effect.

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