Non-surgical Facelift 

Volume loss from the face is a fundamental component of facial ageing.This causes the unattractive hollowing under the eyes and gives the apperance of deep nasolabial folds and downturned corners of mouth .Facial fillers are an established means of addressing volume loss, correcting contour defects, providing support and structure to the face.

Mauricio De Maio: creator of the MD Codes™

Dr de Maio is a globally-renowned figure in aesthetics,an international expert in pioneering therapies. Amongst these superior techniques, are the MD Codes™ and The 8 Point Lift, which harness HA based facial volumisers to help restore lost scaffolding, volume and elasticity.

Dr Bedi from Mediskin Care was invited to event organised in London where she had the opprtunity to observe live demonstration by Dr Mauricio De Maio which helped her incorporate this into her practice. 

The MD Codes™ are a series of precise injection points which instead of treating the problem area, focus on treating the cause of the issue. Dr de Maio recognised that by treating holistically, patient benefits are far greater and they receive the optimum results from their treatment. Results are long-lasting, effective and natural-looking.

So, what are the MD Codes™?

Dr de Maio's MD Codes™ are a series of formulated injections points for dermal filler, which are proven to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance, delivering natural-looking results, tailored to individual requirements.

Why the MD Codes?

In the past, injection methods were rather ad hoc, and instead of treating with purpose, injectors were frequently treating as they saw fit on the day.

The MD Codes™ allow for bespoke, tailor-made treatment still; however, they add a formulated structure to injecting, meaning results are far superior, and facial anatomy and facial proportions are taken into consideration.

What areas do they address?

Dermal fillers can be used extensively across the face for rejuvenation and volume. The main areas of focus are the temples, the brow, cheeks, under eye, chin, jawline and lips.

What products are used?

At Mediskin Care, we only use the most superior products from Allergan. The Juvéderm range have long led the way in terms of discrete, HA based fillers, and within this range, there is a sub-category called the VYCROSS range. These include Volbella, Voluma and Volift, and they are widely accepted as the gold standard for dermal fillers.

What is the average treatment cost?

Your cost not only includes the price of the product, but more importantly, the skill and expertise of the specialist or healthcare professional who is administering your treatment.
We take the time to understand your treatment goals and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

At Mediskin Care our prices start from £495.00 

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Today more and more people are opting for non-surgical treatments to improve their appearance and give their confidence a rejuvenating boost. This might involve getting rid of facial lines and wrinkles, or addressing specific medical issues.
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