Lip augmentation - Dermal fillers

At Mediskin Care we know that ‘less is more’ where fillers are concerned. We use small amounts of judiciously placed product to lift, repair, strengthen and support, achieving more natural longer lasting results.

Why choose Mediskin Care?

We address the underlying cause, using the most appropriate filler from a carefully chosen range of safe, well-researched products. For your comfort, we apply local anaesthetic cream to numb your skin and our fillers either contain local anaesthetic, or we add it prior to use. All fillers carry a risk of bruising, which we minimise where possible using a special regimen and the latest gentle cannulae instead of needles. A medical doctor performs all our filler procedures after a full consultation.

Fillers are available in a range of different strengths and characteristics, from which we choose carefully according to the needs of your skin and facial structure.

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Revitalising Fillers

Juvederm® Hydrate and Restylane Vital™ are very light products specially formulated to be injected just under the surface of the skin to improve hydration, tone and elasticity. Ideal for bringing a natural healthy glow to the face, neck, décolletage and hands, a course of three treatments is required for the best results, which can last for upwards of a year.

Lip Fillers

We have specially formulated products to hydrate, gently enhance lip volume, redefine shape and treat vertical lip lines. We can achieve results ranging from restoration of hydration to lip enhancement, always retaining a natural look in harmony with your face.

Volumising Fillers

Containing more hyaluronic acid than dermal fillers, these thicker products successfully refill, define and lift the cheek, jowls and jawline. Working with gentle micro-cannulae this technique treats underlying problems of ageing and volume loss, lifting the structure of the face. We use Juvederm® Voluma, Belotero Intense or Teosyal Ultra Deep to give instant results which can last up to 18 months.

Stimulating Fillers

Radiesse is a dermal filler with a longer lasting dual volumising effect. A special gel-matrix creates immediately visible results, while fine calcium microspheres re-stimulate natural collagen formation over six to sixteen weeks for lasting contour and volume. The gel itself, and the microspheres, are completely broken down by the body over time, but the natural collagen ‘scaffolding’ persists giving an ‘antigravity’ effect which can last 1-3 years, depending on age. Radiesse is particularly helpful in volumising hollow or sagging cheeks and hands.

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Today more and more people are opting for non-surgical treatments to improve their appearance and give their confidence a rejuvenating boost. This might involve getting rid of facial lines and wrinkles, or addressing specific medical issues.
Our team of experienced and qualified doctors will help you choose the most appropriate treatment, explain the procedure and answer any questions at your FREE initial consultation.
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